t—1 is an independent type foundry, bringing qualitative typefaces to students absolutely free.

About t—1

t—1 (pronounced Typeeins) is an independent type foundry that offers free typefaces for students and their projects. t—1 was founded in 2019 by Maximilian Müsgens with the approach to bring independent, but high qualitative fonts to students. Starting with two fonts from our own production, we are always looking out for good fonts to offer on our platform. 🚀

All for free?

Yes! We are offering all our fonts completely free for students with our student license 😊. When I studied communication design back in 2014, I was looking for good fonts and always ended up disappointed by seeing the price, you have to pay💰. Also with a students-discount I wasn't able to purchase them 🛒. Therefore, I decided to build my own type foundry, which is willing to give away their fonts to students for free. Yeaay! 🎉

What is a Student License?

With our Student Licenses you can feel free to use our fonts for all your personal projects und university projects. You are able to show your projects on public platforms like behance, dribble or your university exhibitions. You can also use our fonts on your personal portfolio website — no problem for us. Just make sure, you don't use our fonts for projects, you earn money with. And of course you must not use our fonts for racist, violent, woman-contemptuous, homophobic or other morally questionable purposes 🏳🌈.

And Commercial Licenses?

If you are interested in using fonts for commercial purposes, please send a mail to type@bandeins.de. At the moment we are just offering free typefaces for students. But soon there will be a possibility to buy our fonts with a Commercial License.

I'm a type­designer!

You want to bring your font to the front? 👍 We are always looking out for nice typefaces we can offer on our platform. At first, free for students and later with commercial licenses. Maybe we help each other out? Just drop us a line! type@bandeins.de